Your webmaster was Chris M. Dickson. I’m from Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England and from London, early-middle-aged and happily married. Many thanks to all the contributors, credited in each article as appropriate, and to Mark Greenhalgh for the excellent logo. I work outside the exit game industry, and am a big fan of all exit games and puzzle events. I kept updating the site as a labour of love, not for the money.

From March 2014 to mid-May 2016, I founded and updated Exit Games UK, which aimed to be a comprehensive guide to exit games, escape games, locked room games, puzzle games, puzzle hunts and more in the UK and Ireland. All the posts from that site up to mid-May 2016 are mirrored on this site. Since mid-May 2016, I haven’t run Exit Games UK – it’s in Ken‘s more-than-capable hands now – and I ran this until the end of November 2017, because I prefer to draw things to a close than to let them peter out.

This was a non-commercial site. While I was very proud of my track record at remaining neutral and not accepting freebies while I was running Exit Games UK; to be fair, I did once take a can of Diet Coke, but I don’t like Diet Coke. I’m not going to make the same promise again for Ex Exit Games (and indeed, I got one free lunch for a little consulting work that never went anywhere) but will instead stand on what I think is a good track record. Now that I’ve finished, I’m a lot happier to take freebies, as long as you know there’s nothing in it for you.

You can e-mail me at if you like. Probably better to talk to Exit Games UK, not me, about your exit game, though.