Red House Mysteries

Red House Mysteries logoThis site considers it a natural fit when companies who have their own exit games get into live events and mystery-themed walking tours as well. Bath Escape had this from the start, Cryptology of Nottingham offer something similar and Can You Escape? of Edinburgh have their outdoor Operation Heckle game as well.

It’s good to know that it can work the other way around as well, though; established treasure hunt and theme event company Red House Mysteries, based in the south-west of England, are planning an exit game for later in the year. That’s an excellent pedigree to have. They’ve also made a name for themselves very quickly by being involved with the plot design, alongside Realm Pictures who made it happen, in a (possibly exit-game-inspired?) Internet viral video of a live action version of a first-person shoot-’em-up, where the players were found at no notice and dumped straight into the game on ChatRoulette. (At last! A use for ChatRoulette!)

The video is doing the rounds already today – but, with the exit game link, no reason whatsoever not to share it here as well. As you’d expect from the video game trope, lots of zombies and a fair bit of cussin’, but the results are spectacular.

There’s also a look behind the scenes available as well.

No promises, but that’s a remarkably good way to get your name out there for the right reasons very quickly. Watch Red House Mysteries with great interest. (Tip of the hat to Escape Rooms in Toronto first and Bother’s Bar for the link.)


  1. Did they just invent a whole new thing? Obviously a pretty cool experiment playing it via chat roulette, but I bet people would gladly pay to play something like that.


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