Coming soon to Durham: Escape Rooms Durham

Escape Rooms Durham logoA new exit game is opening in Durham, which is about twenty miles south of Newcastle. Think of the Cathedral, think of the history, think of the high-class university and try not to think of the hills. The site is called Escape Rooms Durham and is not knowingly connected with any of Escape Rooms Plymouth, Escape Rooms of London or The Escape Room. Now you might think that this site is being flippant with that last sentence, but that list of similarly-named but unconnected games is only going to get longer and longer over time.

To begin with, the site is only opening its single game on Friday evenings and throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays, which is a perfectly reasonable and logical way to begin operation if caution must prevail; the first booking available is for September 4th. The game has an hour time limit; teams of two are charged £50 and teams of three to six are charged £60. The site’s first room “ is called “Mr Borrowdale’s Office”. You and your team will find yourselves rooting through Mr Borrowdale’s puzzling possessions in order to escape the room“. The site has posted pictures of its first couple of test teams who seemed to enjoy the game, and that’s about as much as is known.

As ever, look out for possible discounts when the site opens and consider signing up to the mailing list. Mailing list members have already been sent out an opening discount code that works for bookings in August to play in September or October; might there be more to come?

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