Dealwatch: exit game discount cards

Sample Escape Game CardThe difficulty with Dealwatch is that deals generally tend to apply to a single site at a time. What if there could be a way for a single deal to apply to dozens of different sites at the same time? Happily, now there is. Or, even, there are.

Buy the Escape Game Card for US$20 and, for the course of a year, you can claim a discount when you’re on a team playing a room at one of dozens of sites worldwide. Take a look at the list of sites, check with the site that they’re still offering the discount and then book. If there isn’t a cunning way to embed the discount into the booking system, the site will rebate some percentage of the price of the whole team’s participation in cash upon presentation of the card in person.

Now, to be fair, Escape-Card does the same thing, but it has a different selection of games that have signed up. Crucially for most readers of this site, Escape Game Card has already got sites signed up in the UK, the USA and Canada, whereas – at the time of writing – Escape-Card‘s sites are in other countries. The more sites that are signed up, the more attractive each card becomes; in a perfect world, there might be interoperability, but at the moment you’d have to be a real globetrotter to benefit from having both. On a technical issue, the Escape Game Card offers an affiliate scheme paying commission to those who sell it, which may make it the more attractive of the two in the long run. Such kickbacks aren’t this site’s cup of tea, but will appeal to many.

Is either card right for you? Take a look at the sites that have signed up to accept your chosen card and decide for yourself. If you haven’t played all the rooms at all the sites that you might consider visiting, the arithmetic is not too tricky and often quite convincing – you wouldn’t have to play many games at all before the card would more than pay for itself. In most cases, with current exchange rates, the card would pay for itself when playing as few as two games. (There’s a little prevarication here because the actual numbers might vary, particularly if you are playing games that charge per player rather than per team and play on a small team at off-peak hours.)

Take a look and decide for yourself. If the offering isn’t right for you now then check back in a few weeks and there may be more sites signed up that tickle your fancy!

Unrelatedly, Jennifer kindly points to a social buying deal on itison for a voucher to play Evac of Glasgow, which is so new that Exit Games UK hasn’t covered it yet. More about it soon, for sure. The deal is only available until 7am tomorrow morning, UK time, and usual social buying terms and conditions apply.

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