Now open in South Yorkshire: Lock Down Zone

Lock Down Zone logoA remarkable proportion of posts on this site include both the words “thanks” and “Ken”, and this one has yet another good reason to do so, for the man himself pointed out Lock Down Zone in the village of Thurnscoe, which opened recently. You’ve got to be doing pretty well to know where Thurnscoe is; the best description is “towards the north of South Yorkshire”. The post town for the village is Rotherham, but that’s actually about nine miles to the south; the village itself is about half-way between Barnsley and Doncaster. (Or about half-way between Manchester and Hull, but that’s probably less help.) See, the fun with this one starts with just finding the place, before you even get through the door.

The site advertises two rooms, both for 2-5 players and each with a one-hour time limit, each only open at weekends for now. In The Bank Heist, there’s a fictional million dollars to be won! “A plan has been developed for the biggest heist in history! The alarms have been deactivated for 50 minutes, the police response time is 10 minutes, so you have 1 hour to get as much loot as you can and get out! Do you have what it takes to get the money and escape unnoticed? The plan is there… The safes are waiting to be cracked… What are you waiting for?” If you escape in time, the amount you break free with is your score.

The Hostel Hostages offers a creepier challenge. “Why didn’t you see it, Detective? The call you just received regarding the notorious killer you have been chasing for months was a hoax. You have now been lured into his trap; sure, the hostages are real, but now you have 1 hour to escape or you will face becoming their next victim. He is turning your fate into a game! Perhaps with the help of the hostages you can escape… 1 hour, Detective, the clock is ticking…

The price is attractive; teams of two pay £16 per player or £32 total, teams of five pay just £13 each or £65 total, and bookings this month are half off even those slim prices. The site is only open at weekends; find it half-way between Leeds and Worksop and enjoy!

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