Clue HQ and repeat business

clue-cardExciting times at Clue HQ. The photo above is of their new Clue Card, a loyalty scheme running (to begin with) at their Warrington location only. Every time a team plays, one or two players can have their Clue Card stamped; in each game, one player can use their card to obtain a perk. While the graphic above is small, the perks are public knowledge. Collect a single stamp and you can redeem a simple perk: a starting-point the next time you play. A double-stamped card gets you an extra code within-game. A triple-stamped card earns you extra time, and a completed card with four stamps earns you a chunky discount on another play. The Warrington site has five games, so someone can play their way through the site on a single card. Sites have certainly offered discounts for returning customers, but a fully-fledged loyalty card like this is an innovation, at least to the UK. An exciting development!

((Edited to add:)) Apparently, not quite as much of an innovation as this site thought. Many thanks to the excellent Exit Games Scotland who kindly pointed out on Facebook that Escape Rooms Scotland of Glasgow have had their own loyalty card scheme for some time, though they’re keeping it quiet.

It’s fabulous, you get a card from the lovely people at Escape Rooms Scotland, one card per booking.
One stamp = £10 off your next game
Two stamps = £20 off your next game
Three stamps = Free t-shirt (very exclusive t-shirt!)
The great thing is that you can give the card to anyone to get the discount *grin*

That’s not all Clue HQ‘s good news, though. They have recently announced that they will be opening a new site in Birmingham soon. “We’re thrilled to announce that early next year we’ll be adding a massive site, Clue HQ – Birmingham to our fantastic line up. Some games will be coming from our other Clue HQ sites, however there will also be new games added in time too! ” The address has been published. Like the Warrington original site, it’s in a railway arch; more specifically, it’s in a wide old site that forms part of a railway arch, a very short walk away from Snow Hill station in the city centre. It’s not yet clear quite how many games there will be hosted there, but the site is intended to keep people coming back time and time again – and perhaps Birmingham might yet grow to have its own Clue Card some day.

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