Coming soon to Edinburgh: Exit Plan Edinburgh

Exit Plan Edinburgh logoAnother new exit game opens its doors in Edinburgh on Monday. (Then, presumably, closes some of them again, at least for an hour at a time.) Exit Plan Edinburgh is based in an office complex within Edinburgh’s New Town, with St. Andrew Square probably the nearest stop on the tram line. The site is set to open throughout the day, every day; its first game, The Tesla Cube, has a one-hour time limit and is designed to cater for teams of two to seven. Perhaps there is a hint of local flavour in, at least, an allusion to Edinburgh’s strong history in theoretical physics.

The brilliant inventor and scientist, Doctor Boson, has spent a lifetime advancing and improving upon the designs of his idol Nikola Tesla. In particular, the development of an object called the ‘Tesla Cube’ – a device of near limitless power. Until recently, you were the Doctor’s assistant. That was before he fired you for doing nothing more than simply questioning his motives for developing such a device. This only increased your suspicions about what the Doctor was really up to so you decided to find out for yourself.

You have learnt that rather than using this device to solve the world’s energy problems as he said, the Doctor is in fact working in secret for a criminal organisation and the true purpose of the device is as a key component for a terrible weapon. He intends to hand over his completed prototype to his employers this evening – you cannot allow this to happen but you know that nobody will believe you without proof. The Doctor has just left his apartment to finalise his plans – now is your chance to break in undetected.

The price is reasonably competitive with that of other local games; £44 for two players up to £66 for a foursome and £73.50 for a team of seven. Many thanks to Ken for pointing this one out.

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