Coming up on Friday: RED DOT hunt, an online puzzle hunt from Singapore

RED DOT hunt logoIt’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve somewhat lost my blogging voice, so let’s ease back into things with something simple and exciting.

The RED DOT hunt is an online puzzle hunt that starts at 3pm UK time on Friday 29th September and neatly wraps up 48 hours later. The hunt is open to teams of one to four people, located anywhere in the world. “A mysterious talent contest has shown up in town. Auditions will begin in less than a month’s time and sign-ups have already begun. Do you have what it takes to win the contest?

There will be two rounds of puzzles, each with its own metapuzzle. The first round has twelve puzzles plus its meta; if you solve the round one meta, or wait until the last 12 hours of the hunt, you’ll get access to the smaller second round. There’s no hint request system, but hints will be released automatically along the way. Solving the second metapuzzle reveals access to a final puzzle; “Once solved, the final puzzle will direct teams to a physical location in Singapore. The first team to complete the task at this location (represented by any number of actual team members) will win a ~mystery prize~.” You can have plenty of puzzle-solving fun without having any members present on the island.

The FAQ page reveals a little more, notably that “We’ve aimed to make this a pretty chill and beginner-friendly hunt. Experienced teams are warned that they might end up breezing through it — though we hope all teams will have fun, regardless of how long they spend solving! Solo solvers should also find the hunt manageable.” That is a delight to read! The FAQ page also explains a (very) little more about who the organisers are and their puzzling background.

Excited? I am! If this sounds like it might be your cup of tea, especially with the self-professed “beginner-friendly” tag, you can take a look at the house style by taking on four warm-up puzzles, three of which have answers. The date for the next DASH has been announced and it’s almost a full year away – but, while you wait for DASH, get your fill of RED DOT!


  1. Very much O_o about the rescheduled DASH. Or has it been in Autumn in previous years and they’re reverting to type?

    Certainly on the weather front, this is likely a -EV move for Londoners, but also I fear it’s just a busier month for work/shopping/social life and may hit attendee numbers which already dropped last year globally.

    • I have a suspicion that the first one, only, was run in the autumn, with around a half-year gap from the first to the second. Much appreciation goes out to the DASH organisers, both local and global, for putting on something for the benefit of so many whenever they can.


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