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The Inspirations

  • Snoutcast – great fun, great sense and great interviews; I have learnt almost everything I know about puzzle hunts from this podcast.
  • Laser Arena – in early 2000, some people thought “There needs to be a web site with links to all the laser game sites that exist”. Inspirational thinking; I have loved laser games for decades and the approach behind the Laser Arena site.
  • Bother’s Bar – the definitive UK game show web log for over ten years, run by a dear friend who shares his expertise and panache in an inimitable style and with a tremendous audience.
  • – perhaps the inspiration of inspirations for this web site, featuring descriptions of the sixty-plus (at time of writing!) exit games in Hungary. Every time I see this site, I want to visit Budapest.
  • UK Game Shows – another site run by dear friends; an invaluable resource of information, and for over ten years, the Weaver’s Week column has been unmissable for its perception, principle and brilliant writing.

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