There are several different attempts to produce directories of the exit games that exist. This site has a directory of sites in the UK and Ireland, along with a timeline tracking the dates of openings, closures, moves and more. However, there are also larger-scale attempts to track the field, including a European map and global listings at Intervirals, Escape Rooms Directory, Escape Room Hub, Play Exit Games and Escape Reviewer. If you have a new exit game, you’ll want to submit the details to all of them.

The form below will submit the details of your new exit game to all six listings at once. The listings are processed manually, so it may take some time to see the listings updated. (You might also want to submit this to other global listings which are also available – e.g., Escape Game Guide and EscapeFan – but they are not currently within the scale of this form. If you run either of these sites, or any other exit game listing, and want to receive new submissions as they are made, please get in touch.) You may use the site for a game in any country.

However, if you want to send a message to this site only, please send e-mail to or use the form on the About the site page.

Please enter the details of your new exit game, or your new room at an existing exit game, below.

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